Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know about using OnRide.

Basic Information

How does OnRide work?

Where is OnRide available?

Is OnRide only for students?

Riding and Driving

What are the requirements to be a driver?

What are the requirements to be a rider/passenger?

What is your cancellation policy?

How can I communicate with my driver or rider for a trip?

What should I put as my origin and destination?

Payment Info

How much do rides cost?

What fees are involved?

When will I receive payment for the ride I gave?

Do I have to pay before a driver has confirmed my ride request?

How do I set up a payout method?

What if I don't have a PayPal account?

Do all users need to connect their PayPal account to OnRide?

Should I use a PayPal personal or business to set up payouts?

Why can't I purchase rides more than 27 days out?

Help and Support

How can I contact OnRide?

What if my passenger doesn't show up?

Safety and Privacy

How can I ensure my ride will be safe?

What is your data policy?